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The Behavioral Code for High Performance provides organizations with invaluable insights into how the underlying drivers of human performance affect key business outcomes. We provide practical products and tools to prevent burnout, build resilience and unlock high performance in individuals, teams and organizations.

At Neurozone® we not only report detailed and actionable data, we also enable the transformative upskilling of leaders, HR professionals, and coaches to facilitate dynamic and sustained optimization.


From insights and data to practical reports and tools,
we simplify the science for you.

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High Performance App

For Individuals, Teams, and Organizations


As a dynamic online personalized pocket guide, the Neurozone® High Performance App provides employees, teams, and leaders with daily data-driven, transformational insights and actionable steps for precision well-being. Specifically, it helps prevent burnout, increases resilience, improves mental well-being, and unlocks high performance. Informed by the app engagement, Neurozone® provides leadership with data insights for cost-effective organization-wide behavioral interventions and strategies that work.

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Neurozone® Advanced
Coaching Course

For Coaches


The Neurozone® Advanced Coaching Course consists of two parts that beautifully complement each other in the quest of integrating neuroscience and systems thinking theory into daily coaching practice.  While the first part is filled with the wonders of neuroscience discoveries, the second part provides the practical integration presented by Dr. Chrisna Swart, a highly qualified neuroscientist and coach. 


High Performance
Leadership Course

For Individuals


The Neurozone® High Performance Leadership Course helps leaders improve their effectiveness in a rapidly evolving business environment through a deeper understanding of the neuroscience that underpins human behavior and performance. 

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High Performance
Team Report

For Teams


The Neurozone® High Performance Team Report forms the systems-based, neuroscience-driven cornerstone for team effectiveness. The report informs your team's journey using our unique data insights and recommendations to unlock high performance while increasing well-being and cohesion in the highly interconnected and ever-changing current business environment.

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High Performance
Leadership Masterclass

For Organizations


The Neurozone® High Performance Leadership Masterclass provides leaders with Neurozone® insights distilled from the intersection of neuroscience, systems thinking, and analytics. The insights equip them with a visionary lens to lead teams and organizations, optimize organizational outcomes, and ensure sustained relevance within the broader ever-changing society.

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